How would you like to earn money without having to actually sell anything? A lot of people find sales to be uncomfortable or difficult. With Dmodz's Affiliate Program, it’s so much easier to make money. You just promote our products on your website, your existing blog, social media, or any other online platform and you’ll get commissions on any sales that you’re able to refer. It takes so little effort because the products sell themselves!

Who can be a Affiliate?

Affiliates for are invite only this system is not open to the public.

So how does the Affiliate Program work?

We issue a unique affiliate URL that leads customers to our site through any of your online platforms that you choose to promote our website and products on. If a customer reaches via your affiliate link and then places an order, you earn a commission. That commission will be paid out via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

How are commissions calculated?

We compute commissions as a percentage of all total orders placed by a referred customers. This is based on your rank of affiliate membership, of which there are four. your rank is determined on how much you manage to sell on your affiliate account. These are the ranks and rules, but the general rule is sell more, earn more!

Level 1: You get 4% commission on your sales to make around £ 4 per £100 in referrals. This is the level that all affiliates start on.

Level 2:You achieve this rank when your sales reach £6000. This rank will earn you 6% commission or around £6 per £100 in referrals.

Level 3:You achieve this rank when your sales reach £10,000. This rank will earn you 8% commission or around £8 per £100 in referrals.

Level 4:You reach this higher rank when you reach £20,000 in sales. This rank earns you the highest commission at 10% or £10 per £100 in referrals.

The customers referral link will last for approx one year after they visit the site, so they don't need to buy straight away.

You can find the  Affilate sign up HERE

Affiliate Program Commission Type 4% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Tier Commission Level 1 4% of sales amount
Level 2 6% of sales amount
Level 3 8% of sales amount
Level 4 10% of sales amount