About Us

About Us

We are a father and son modding team that has teamed up with an accomplished online retailer to supply quality affordable water cooled parts to the modding community. 

Modding and water cooling computers is lots of fun and not as difficult as you may think once you strip out all the jargon. It is a unique experience modifying your PC and can be considered an art form as well as a hobby. 

Dylan is 10 years old and has taken to modding with a real passion. With modern learning tools like Youtube and forums he is spring boarding, learning modding techniques much faster than the old dogs who had to make it up as they went along. 

Peter (dad) has been modding PC's for around 15 years after taking a long break from building due to kid’s other hobbies. Returning to the scene realised how much prices had gone up and how much you had to source outside of the main suppliers. Peter also has extensive experience in the gaming and esports areas previously managing the largest UK competitive gaming site and is a still a keen FPS gamer.

Our goal together is to sell parts people want and need, that will enable us to feed our building and modding addiction. We are currently working with some brands completing sponsored builds with the support of the bellow companies. 


Graham is the brains behind the scene, and keeps us two geeks in check. Graham organises all the product and shipping and controls the store. With a wealth of employment in the importing and online  electronics industry, he brings a professional retail element to the squad that ensures your purchases are secure and speedy, resulting in a smooth seamless service. 

We hope you like the dmodz site, please get in touch if you would like to have your build featured on the blog or just to chat and say hi.  

Mod on!