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Barrow launch AIO

Posted by Peter 04/09/2019 0 Comment(s)


We have long been wondering when Barrow might comit to the AIO watercooling market. finally we have have a launch! The new 240 and 360 models look fantastic, with Barrows usual style of mat blacks these first pictures look to retain barrows high end quality with we hope affordable pricing. both AIO's contain the flagship CPU mirrored block effect and LRC RGB lighting giving the AIO an amazing subtle lighting effect. The lighting also connects straight away to Asus Aurora controls. 

The connecters for the lights are very straight forward making any instalation an easy task. It would also seam that with the bracket adapters the watercooling system also supports the usual suspects of 115X X99 X299 and AMD ranges. 

We have the Bench tests listed for you here bellow. 

Test platform:

CPU: 9900 k

Main board: ASUS M11F

Hard drive: samsung 970 EVO m. 2

Cooling: Barrow flash 240CPU all-in-one water cooling radiator desktop PC all-in-one cold row LTCPR-240

This early bench test was done with the smaller 240 model Results in at idle 37 degrees and at full load 53. Which for an out of the box soultion is a great set of temps for anyone lacking the confidence/time or money or even just will to create a full loop.