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Barrow GPU support Brackets

Posted by Peter 10/05/2019 0 Comment(s) New Products,

With the gradual introduction of mammoth graphics coolers, motherboard manufacturers have started introducing armoured and strengthened PCI slots. These efforts just aren’t good enough for the immense weight of some double and triple slot heatsinks, leading to other methods having to be employed.

That’s why we’ve decided to stock the BARROWCH to help secure your graphics card.

The BARROWCH FRALA 01 anti-sag GPU bracket measures 254mm in length, so will suit even the longest of GPUs, and thanks to the fully adjustable support strut, can be mounted well below the GPU to fully show off the beautiful heatsink on modern GPUs.


A solid aluminium construction ensures the structural strength for the utmost reliability while also looking fantastic inside your build; thanks to the black painted finish, there’s very few colour schemes that this won’t match into.

Installation is as simple as installing a graphics card, with a small amount of adjustment required to ensure the supporting strut contacts the GPU. (A small rubber pad at the top of this piece will prevent any damage to the fan shrouds.

For a mere £13 pounds we are the cheapest UK watercooling stockist of the model.