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PETG Hard Tube Bending Tutorial

Posted by graham 28/05/2020 0 Comment(s)

Bending PETG tutorial for great-looking water-cooled loops.



I could write pages and pages on how to bend PETG but I want to keep this tutorial as short and condense as I can so that being said let's get on with it, there are some tools and items you will need these are-


  • PETG tubes we stock are Barrow as we find they give great value and are of a great standard, PETG tubes normal come in 12,14 and 16mm this is important as I'll explain later.
  • A heat gun capable of producing enough heat to get the tubes into a malleable state.
  • Silicone insert to retain the tubes structure when heated, we sell complete bending kits or just the inserts again make sure the size is correct in relation to your PETG tube you're trying to bend.
  • A bending kit to assist in getting the correct angle desired.
  • A chamfering tool to tidy up the cuts.
  • Washing up liquid and water.


Firstly put your silicone bending insert into your soapy water, the soap will help slow down the evaporation of the water when heated which helps when its time to pull the insert out of the PETG tube, the point of the silicone insert is to stop the tube from folding and thus slowing down the flow, we want a nice open non-restricting bend, so dip the silicone tubing into the soapy water and insert it into your PETG tube.


To bend PETG tubing it must be malleable, the easiest way to achieve this is to have the heat gun about 1 inch away from the tube this will, of course, depend on the type and amount of heat coming from the gun so it might be worth holding the gun further away to begin with and slowly bring it in to add more heat, the tube won't take long to become malleable and when it does you want to be quick so have you bending guide ready and close at hand, as soon as it becomes malleable bend the tube to the required shape hold it in place for about 20-30 seconds then gently test to see if the tube has hardened if it has well-done that's your bend done the tube will now retain its current shape and is now ready for cutting.


To cut PETG tubes use the correct pipe or tube cutting tool this will make the cut cleaner and easier to clean, the only advice I can really give is to measure twice cut once, meaning double check your lengths and measurements before cutting as if you cut it to short you will have to start again, next run the chamfering tool over the cut to ensure the cut is clean and no debris has been left behind to find its way into your water cooling loop.


This is of course how to do a simple bend in PETG but once you have the basic nailed you can then move onto the harder more complex builds we often see, good luck, and happy bending.