Gigabyte GTX 1080ti 11g RGB waterblock - Barrow Watercooling

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Gigabyte GTX  1080ti 11g RGB waterblock

 Gigabyte GTX  1080ti 11g RGB waterblock  graphics card water block with RBG lights.  With 15MM transparent acrylic front parts, shows excellent cold liquid visual effects.

The RGB lights are powered by a small 4Pin interface, while equipped with a 12V motherboard adaptor cable,  you can use the dimming and effects via the remote software for colour control.

The product can be compatible with the original card metal backplate, please check the compatibility list bellow to ensure your card is listed before purchase. 

The main head is split to 42 separate channels in the waterblock ensuring maximum flow and heat dissipation.

Fittings are all standard 1/4". 

Compatibility list:

Gigabyte GTX  1080ti 11g RGB 

Box contains;

Water-cooled block X 1

 Fixing screws X 10

 Thermal pads X 12

 ABS washer X 1

 Plug X 2

 Thermal silica gel pad X 2


Thermal Grease X 1

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